Monday, 12 November 2018

Long overdue update!

As you can see by looking at the date of my last ‘blog’, updates and social media haven’t been high priority… Maybe this isn’t so bad, as I focus on current projects, rather than social media..?? Is that a good excuse..? Anyway, I appreciate this valuable tool, which can showcase projects, providing prospective clients an idea of the type of projects I work on and illustrates the quality of work and design.

 Since my last update, we’ve moved house - another building project, of which ‘phase one’ is complete and we’re gearing up for ‘phase two’.  We purchase Quince ‘Cottage’ (we must apply to remove ‘cottage’ reference – it was a 1950’s bungalow..) in September 2016, removed the roof and most of the internal walls and here’s the result of ‘phase one’;

Quince 2018a_reduced

Referring to my last blog and the project I wrote about, clients, John & Jo, have created a wonderful home, self managing and completing their contemporary split level, SIP constructed dwelling to exacting standards. It’s great to see the sedum and coated steel roofing within current aerial photography below;

2018 aerial_2

I plan to take some photos and will include the property within my projects page. My website projects page is due a refresh – it would be good to showcase a wider range of projects. 

I have been pleased to work with John Hammond, Chartered Town Planner, on a variety of projects, including potential housing allocation layout plans on sites within East Dorset – see extract below;

2018 indicative_layout

…. an application for hoppers serving bio-mass boilers (supporting wood chip energy) on a site growing strawberries in Somerset;

Hoppers 2018

…to a portable toilet in Hampshire. Not sure I’ll be receiving a design award for this one…

portaloo 2018


Family Whitham recently visited Cranborne Garden Centre and I was really pleased how well the new garden room sits within the grounds of the garden centre. A credit to Claire and the team at  Colleague, Richard Bagnall, Chartered Town Planner, and I secured planning permission for the project in 2015.

cranborne 2018_reduced

Recently I’ve preparing pre-application drawings and illustrations (see below) for a new village hall + housing development in North Dorset. I’m looking forward to continuing work with my clients and the Parish Council, developing ideas and taking the scheme forward to planning in the New Year;

Bourton illustration_2018

Finally (sorry, this has been a long update..), I often receive enquiries where the conversation starts ‘I’m not sure whether this project is too small for you to be interested in..’, to which I usually reply, ‘I’m just as happy in designing a garden shed as I am new ‘one-off’ house or housing development..’. Which is true! So, here’s a garden shed I designed recently…

Shed 2018

Note to self, write these updates more regularly…they’re not so arduous…!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A break with tradition....

This year starts with commencement of a very exciting project project in Blandford Forum.  A contemporary, split level, single storey, SIP constructed dwelling with both sedum and raised seam coated steel roofing, above walls of decorated render, with thin coursed natural slate and larch cladding. 


The site comprised of the rear garden of a pair of semi-detached, Edwardian houses, within the Conservation Area of Blandford Forum.


The gardens sloped downwards quite steeply, which led to a split level design to minimise scale.  Being physically and visually separated from the street scene of traditional period properties gave the opportunity for an individual and contemporary design without affecting the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.  Planning approval was granted in July 2014.


SIP construction will offer a high level of insulation and air tightness.  A Mechanic Ventilation & Heat Recovery System (MVHR) will be installed, removing pollutants and passing stale air through a heat exchanger to pre-warm incoming fresh air.


Many thanks to clients, John & Jo, for the opportunity to design this project and to my colleage Richard Bagnall, Chartered Town Planner.  This design was very much a collaborative effort between us.

January 2015


I am delighted that North Dorset District Council Planning Committee unanimously approved our planning application for 13 dwellings within the conservation area of Murnhull on the 24th June 2014.

Blog pics_25June2014_site_plan

Working in collaboration with Smiths Gore, supportive pre-application consultation with NDDC Planning Officers and Country Highways aided the design process, resulting in a sympathetic village housing scheme, preserving key features and residential amenity. Fundamental design principles were to respond and relate to the quality, character and sensitive nature of the village centre and the conservation area setting.  

Blog pics_25June2014_street_ele

The properties draw reference from local vernacular style.  Building materials will include Marnhull stone, clay facing brick, flint and colour-washed render with roofs of plain clay tile and slate, consistent with the rural village context.

Typical Details

It was a pleasure working with Sam Harper and Steve Briggs of Smiths Gore (Taunton Office), who prepared a first class planning submission.

June 2014