Friday, 24 May 2013

Something old, something new

Last week I drove past a project within a Dorset village that's well underway. I'm deliberately keeping the location vague as I lost control of the project.....that sounds bad! No, the client who instructed me to obtain planning approval sold the site to a developer who subsequently passed the working drawings/Building Regulation application to his regular architect/designer. So that's what I mean by 'lost control'.

I don't think any designer likes to 'lose control' of a project, as the detail can get watered down or original design is subject to amendments and you tend to think people will view the finished project as the original designers work.....or am I just being paranoid here??

I'm not saying this particular project won't be a credit to the new builder/ I digging myself into a hole here...?!

The project involved the reconstruction of a dilapidated open barn (cart shed) into a 3 bed dwelling. Bi-folding doors and vertical timber cladding emphasise the existing open fronted barn and conservation rooflights maintained a simple roofline. The project encompassed my favoured design – traditional built form with contemporary elements

Pope project images - Copy

...and something new,

I'm pleased to see works progressing well on a makeover/extension project in Wareham. The existing property was a poorly extended bungalow and my clients brief was to remodel and extend the property, creating additional bedrooms and more open and light living areas.


existing rear elevation

The existing, unattractive brickwork is to be rendered and painted white, the profiled concrete tiles will be replaced with natural slate and the introduction of grey powder-coated aluminium replacement windows + bi-fold doors and patent glazing and rooflights all serve to modernise the appearance.

Taylors project images - Copy

I look forward to posting photographs of the finished works later in the year. Who knows, I may also be posting pictures of the cart shed dwelling to...!