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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 00:00

Busy times...


Keeping a blog up to date is a time consuming affair!  Its been a while since my last blog, as finding time doing anything apart from work is difficult....which is a good thing of course!

The main reason for starting a blog was to use it as a way of keeping my portfolio up to date - seemed simpler (and cheaper) than commissioning a new website....but I've recently commissioned a new website anyway!  Please take a look.  And follow the link to the sites 'builder', Alex of Freshpage.  He did a great job at a great price!

My portfolio remains a bit 'cottagey' - mainly due to a lot of the sites I've been involved with over the years have been traditional vernacular, but mainly because they're great examples (he says modestly!) that have been built so well, retained simplicity and integrated into their setting so well.  However, I've been working on some exciting contemporary projects that'll find their way on my project page soon.  Plus some simple extensions.  I don't just work on 'one-offs' and housing developments.

That said, I've been pleased to be working on a few development proposals within the last month or so;


Marnhull scheme_01_copy




The above site is within settlement boundaries and has been prepared for planning and highways consultation at this stage.

More soon....




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