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July 2023 – New Website

It’s been great working with Elizabeth and Dane at Riotspace Creative, developing my new website! As always, its hard to set time aside to focus on anything other than current projects – the timeline of my blog/news updates demonstrate this… Anyway, its been good looking back at past projects to feature and I’m really grateful for the photos clients have sent me. There are many more projects I’d like to include, so I’ll look to refresh the selection occasionally.

A few highlights looking back;

sw blog 0001 Layer 175

One of my first developments practicing under my own title in 1994 was this pair of newbuild thatched cottages in Yetminster, near Sherborne. The project also included the refurbishment of the listed farmhouse.

sw blog 0000 Layer 176

More recently, this newbuild ‘farmstead’ near Spetisbury, remains one of my favourite new build dwellings. The site was previously occupied by a small bungalow and a range of dilapidated outbuildings.

sw blog 0002 Layer 174
sw blog 0004 Layer 172
sw blog 0005 Layer 171

The above is a wonderfully finished zinc roofed garden room extension project, with internal remodelling of the kitchen and dining room areas.

sw blog 0006 Layer 170

Closer to home (….well, it is our home), our ongoing extension and alterations of ‘Quince’ is almost complete….

sw blog 0003 Layer 173

Quite a contrast looking back to how Quince looked when we purchased it in 2016…

Who knows, works may be complete this time next year…